STALKER! – Arma 2: DayZ Mod – Ep.35

August 29, 2013 · 38 comments

Sometimes epic things happen. Got to get a lift to Podagorsk! As for Ep.36 the quicker people watch my videos the quicker I can make more DayZ, as I like to …

Another cool video  from frankieonpcin1080p, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy!


38 Responses to “STALKER! – Arma 2: DayZ Mod – Ep.35”

  1. sczeannone4 says:

    Lol that joke was funny “they see me rollin”-“DayZ” me rollin xD

  2. Michael Gillanders says:

    Awesome episode frankie! :)

  3. xXThunderBoyXx says:

    you make very good videos bor !!!

  4. faxekondiwilliam says:

    WOW it was the best episode ever…. GOTTA LOVE YA FRANKIE <3

  5. Qu3mao says:

    That server is crazy….. more franky lol.

  6. NDwhITeBoYZ says:

    this was a good episode

  7. nStickNString3 says:

    “It’s ok man, I mistaked you for a log.” Thanks for the laugh Frankie

  8. themoleruffles says:

    19:00 macarov SD? is that possible?

  9. xjezzaa says:

    Why do you think you are the best player in the world? When clearly you aren’t..

  10. Billy Cox says:

    I was watching you guys putting the flares out! :D I seen franckie!

  11. Kieran Dwyer says:

    Frankie i hate to say your wrong but the guy you were hitting with the hatchet wasnt hacking, there is a glitch with the game that if someone is to pass out the only part of the body that you can hit is the legs. Trust me and thumbs up so Frankie can see this. Great vid btw.

  12. Steven Ballam says:

    why do you?

  13. Plasros says:

    This episode was amazing, the ending scene, fucking brilliant man.

  14. rasmus jonsson says:

    what the name of that server?

  15. PerryGamez says:

    Gasai Yuno can’t die! That’s the fourth!

  16. Josh Hadley says:

    is this breaking point?

  17. TheNeostrike says:


  18. TheChallenger219 says:

    how come you didn’t show us the rest of the plane fight at the end?

  19. OsamaBin Laden says:

    You will be able to but at low settings.

  20. JosheyGamess says:

    How do you build the bikes?

  21. TheGlumpable says:

    Get lost.

  22. Baccaclone says:

    Nice takeoff!

  23. RizqnHD says:

    What was the song used at the start and end?

  24. Clippy2011 says:

    I dunno for me it seems watching it in original isn’t as clear 

  25. Niamh Edwards says:

    I don’t think there was any need for that..

  26. BUNZALOT says:

    Im still laughin from when the guy passed out on the motorbike!! epic scene there Frankie lmao Love it. keep um coming:)

  27. TheCallumE says:


  28. MrPiopiospy23 says:

    I have a feeling that frankie and this guy will be playing together in a next episode :D

  29. Copernicus Qwark says:

    Dr who reference in there

  30. Clay Banta says:

    I’m no expert, but I think you should be set.

  31. thiswillfit1911 says:

    beast vid

  32. rabixado says:

    Guy in the end fuck you and lirik xD

  33. Dapsydo says:


  34. Sergio Fernandes says:

    YA I miss watching this dude Frankie your a beast bro

  35. Hakku13 says:

    Awesome video!! :D

  36. Temptingkiller7 says:

    great video

  37. Ooshkar says:

    Amazing video, so action packed with so many great things – Well worth the wait.

  38. Sophia Alcock says:

    Tell me when you get fired.

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