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55 Responses to “STANDALONE THOUGHTS! – DayZ”

  1. Adam Mekhael says:

    If anyone aroundd 13 (squeka) or sum shit pls msg me. I need someone that can play DayZ with me. Everytime i go on server i ALWAYS get kos’ed. i always say im nice i dont kill but it gets to the point where i get raped by fuckin bandits. none of my friends can run the game :(

  2. Campybooo says:

    rifle scopes in real life take alot longer to zero in then that

  3. Doug Wright says:

    Frankie your comments at the start about ‘how it used to be’ and ‘how it is now’ kept me very much in mind of the development of the post zombie apocalypse in Walking Dead. The same thing happened, at first people are glad(ish) to see other survivors, then the zombies are less the enemy as much as rival survivors. Sadly it is how I think it would go down in real life should it ever happen (or any kind of apocalypse).

  4. Kashka Agard says:

    bullshit wold take out alot of the freeness in dayz

  5. Aaron P. says:


  6. nytrofire123 says:

    at 10:50 I cried because of the amazement and the humility that Frankie has.

  7. Benjeh Cox says:

    I shoot on sight, but I do it because I enjoy combat in the DayZ mod not to be a dick or for gear.

  8. Sharkey3331 says:

    He never said it was he simply stated it is an FPS which is true

  9. Kent Shinnick says:

    counter strike is nothing like cod

  10. tomjinthehouse123432 says:

    Not really, some people are just competitive, and that to me, makes the game more enjoyable. Playing with people and trying to kill everyone is awesome to me, playing carebear and not playing PvP is boring. Ofc this is just my viewpoint, but not everyone thinks the same as you, also.

  11. Mike Ortega says:

    Lol. The side chat 11:14
    (A Zombie) “Don’t trust high hashbrowns”
    (High Hashbrowns) “Bitch you don’t know me!”

  12. Narutotheimp says:

    realistically in a world like this u can only go so far alone

  13. shane barnes says:

    they need to put in objectives so players would work together

  14. Tegshbayar Batbayar says:

    frankie qoutes

  15. paul boisvert says:

    That sounds awesome! You should go into video game design :D

  16. GreenGamer38 says:

    nah bandits shoot on sight…

  17. TYRANCON says:

    to be honest i like the fact that you play a hero, but people need to realise some other people don’t have the same personality then you(hero), and wouldn’t act the same in a zombie apocalipse, for example I’m a bandit at my core when it comes to dayz simply because i feel no need to partner up with anyone in the game nor do i feel like i should share my food/weapons with random people that might or might not shoot you in the back.

    sorry if it isn’t well written :D

  18. jon arbuckle says:

    Your DayZ character looks EXACTLY like my Preacher :)

  19. thunder dan says:

    its not that hes moaning, hes tired of people treating the game as a shoot on sight death match.

  20. John M says:

    lol, so he’s a dick cause he’s in the marines? Also the army does nothing, they just occupy places. The marines actually go out and take shit and fight.

  21. Froster spider says:

    It Turned into Free For all

  22. Ledrag HG says:

    awesome action on the end

  23. codbadass63 says:

    frankie all time hero

  24. pingu53 says:

    you can play the game how the fuck you want, quit moaning on how other people want to play, theres no rules

  25. Dimitri Vorhee says:

    Wake up in in the morin start playin some DAY Z then get shot by a dumbass bandit bandit

  26. ampeg187 says:

    He got shot to death because he was trying to help a random player. Not to mention that he is spending hours and hours to capture a good DayZ video and to find players to cooperate, 90% of players would shoot on sight.
    So much for your hacker accusations,… you just sucks, deal with it.

  27. Beatmaker804 says:

    Thanks for saying this frankie, it had to be said

  28. Akro Protis says:

    I normally play this way also but you can only get shot in the head so many times after someone saying they are friendly before you start shooting on sight.

  29. jcroisdale says:

    Devil can be a angry dick cause hes a marine but us army guys we wint fuck you over :)

  30. derden95 says:

    there are differnet styles of play, bandits made by paranoia or simply just being an asshole, and my favorite… heroes.

  31. MrDarthMatt says:

    You don’t have to shoot on sight to be a bandit. That’s just taking the easy way out. Bandits hold people up and betray them, that is what makes them fun. Shooting on sight is something anyone does not just a bandit.

  32. brian ross says:

    Frankie is not a fucking hacker

  33. Elltrixer says:

    I remember when I first played the game, all we wanted to do was survive from zombies. We met a couple of friendly players who grouped up with us too, but the large majority of people just shot at us on sight. I get why though, Zombies are not a threat once you know what you’re doing and survival is easy, so there is nothing else to do but shoot each other. Now a days I don’t even find myself using voice chat because everyone shoots me or betrays me.

  34. JDPKM says:


  35. JamesezGames says:

    not sure

  36. HyperShadowzzz says:

    I just recently started to play the mod and the amount of countless times I put trust into people and then they lead me to a barracks I’ll find a DMR or something they’ll get jealous and shoot so now I just don’t help anyone nor shoot at them only if I’m shot at which is every time :(

  37. Sigmund Freud says:

    what if at the start each character you can customize his attributes by like spending points to get attributes such as “mechanic” to allow you to repair vehicles, “Perceptive” to cause other players footsteps to be more easily audible, “Certified Pilot” to allow for flying planes and heli’s, “Medical Professional” to make you able to bandage things faster, create splints for broken legs ect. and “Cold Blooded” which would allow you to sight on other players without shaking.

  38. Sigmund Freud says:

    each attribute would maybe 3-5 attribute points, and each player would have 10. Maybe players could take negative attributes like “highly allergic +3AP” causing some foods to make you vomit (become hungry) pass our and/or lose blood and the type of food that does this is random and you won’t know until you eat it. Then “Humanist +5AP” which would make your screen violently shake and blur when pointing your gun at a non-bandit and you would go into shock if you killed someone. “Unliscensed+2

  39. Sigmund Freud says:

    Would make motorized vehicles much more difficult to drive. and “Spineless+1AP” which would cause you to get knocked down much more easily by zombies. I think this is realistic becuase not everyone can fly planes and helis, act as a medic, repair vehicles, and kill in cold blood with no remorse all at the same time. It would also promote teamwork because you would want others with you who had strengths that made up for your weaknesses, deterring the “shoot on sight mentality”

  40. Sigmund Freud says:

    And obviously they would need more attributes than I named to require others to seek out specialized characters rather than kill them. Possible exchanging supplies for there services rather than just shooting and taking everything.

  41. redboy755 says:

    They announced it coming out september 12 I think if i’m wrong its near that date. so I belive thats when it will release.

  42. xLilStylez says:

    I play on a high quality laptop and I only get 4 frames per second in cherno maximum. It sucks it hard

  43. Ryan Krozz says:

    I have two EVGA GTX 680s in SLI. I love my FPS <3

  44. Ryan Krozz says:

    Frankie. You’re my hero.

  45. Ryan Krozz says:

    I honestly just want to find you in a server and team up with you D':
    I play and play and search high and low… no Frankie

  46. TheHaukkuja says:

    hehe, some people can get 20 fps with bad pc hehe, my pc isnt even that bad and i get 10ish fps in cherno

  47. Alex Turnbull says:

    You know I bought Dayz after watching your videos and loved the game mechanics and all but every single time I just get shot by some guys in cars, snipers or helicopter who are all massive douche bags for shooting on sight. Its good to see more hero players like you Frankie. I hope the is more heros in the stand alone.

  48. JohnyMST says:

    thank god u stopped playing dayz u cheating loser ;)

  49. SDWLang says:

    :( i am so sorry frankie i think i killed you in overwatch! you were driving a motorbike over a bridge up east coast and i shot you you had the exact same clothed and gear and you had a crapton of gear too damn if it was you im sorry

  50. justin kenny says:

    i dont have much hope for standalone releasing anytime this month or year despite all the rumor and what not

  51. Klas Dahlberg says:

    it’s an FPS and a 3rd person shooter…

  52. peterowsky02 says:

    And also, the reason that DayZ is quite laggy is because Arma 2 coding is quite complex and messed up. In Arma 3 and DayZ Stand-Alone PCs

  53. peterowsky02 says:

    I, since recently, like to play Medic in DayZ. Basically, I get a pistol and fill up any other space with medical items, and set out to help people. I die a lot, but sometimes I am a rescue for people and their thanks are the most awesome thing ever.
    Something that should be added is for the moderators of the rented servers to be able to “ban” PvP, or make the server “Friendly”. Imagine going on a server with “Friendly” in it, and people actually help each other, join up with each other etc.

  54. Rainbow Dash says:

    Maybe instead of passing out your screen keeps blinking , and after a while it gets very common. (the only way to stop it is self epi-pen)

  55. Jan-Sören Jansen-Sörensen says:

    20 fps in Cherno?
    My old PC which I still had like a month ago dropped down to 13 sometimes…

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